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High School Football Program Takes Recruiting Hoax Hook, Line and Sinker

December 22, 2009


Kodey Kroger posed as a ECU Pirate football recruiter, and several North Carolina high schools fell for it.Would you trust this man to be a college football recruiter in your high school halls?  The Croatan High School Cougars, of Carteret County, North Carolina, did, as well as others, and it’s kind of bit them, embarrassingly, in the ass. 

For reasons that have yet to be made entirely clear, Kodey Alexander Kroger spent several weeks posing as a “student-recruiter” for the East Carolina Pirates’ football program.  Having pulled the same stunt at other area schools earlier in the year, Kroger showed up at Croatan this month asking to talk to coaches about offering preferred walk-on status to two Cougar prospects.  When asked for credentials he happily presented realistic looking documentation with ECU logos, letterhead and even coach Skip Holtz’s “signature.”  Kroger also claimed to be a Freshman member of the Pirate football team, and said the Pirates had instituted the “student-recruiting” program to provide the coaching staff more time to focus on other, presumably higher priority, areas…

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