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Video: Tractor goes all “Maximum Overdrive” at Canadian Walmart

April 8, 2011

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Frump’s seen a lot of good pranks go down at Walmart (not really), but this one clearly takes the cake (by default).

At 6+ minutes, this video may require something closer to one of those ancient, 20th century internet attention spans, but then the random, meaningless destruction is probably well worth the wait.

Here’s the long and short of it:

  1. Apparently someone hijacked a tractor that was either in or near the Richmond Hill Walmart’s parking lot
  2. Started her up
  3. Tied the steering wheel down to ensure a pleasant, circular driving experience
  4. And then bailed

Pretty dang exciting, huh?

Well, it was for the several Richmond Hill onlookers watching the tractor go round-and-round for a good five minutes while waiting for the fuzz.
Given no one appeared to be truly freaking out, I’m assuming the owners of the innocent cars destroyed in this tractor demolition derby were still inside taking advantage of Walmart’s rock-bottom prices.

If anyone has video of their reactions upon exiting the super center, please let us know…

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