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The Greatest(Fake) Putt-Putt Shot in the World

January 25, 2011


With over a million hits on youtube, the question now is, who is behind this viral marketing campaign and what’s it for? It sure as hell isn’t a factual documentary of how 4 stoned high school kids managed to get a ball to suspend in the air w/ a water fountain and hit it off a wall and into the cup.

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Robert Allenby adds a little excitement to the Australian Masters, knocks out — presumably bored — spectator

November 12, 2010

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We’ve got quite a few golfers on staff here at Frumpzilla. I’m not one of them.

Try or not try as he might, The Gingerhead Man will likely never get me out on the links — at least not until scenes like this become less of an anomaly.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wishing injuries on anyone, and I certainly hope this chap made a full recovery. But, a little zest from time to time couldn’t hurt, right? A bit of danger, perhaps? It would certainly pique my interest.

Many thanks to Robert Allenby in advance.

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