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Video: The Greatest Competitive Eating Puke Save Of All Time

May 6, 2011


Greatest puke save everSure, Frump’s sample size may be relatively small, but — until someone comes forward with something superior to what’s documented by this footage from the 2011 Andy’s Big A Burger Challenge in Mount Olive, North Carolina — we’re sticking with our assertion that this is, in fact, the greatest puke save in the history of competitive eating, if not competition in general.

After all, this isn’t your average “keeping it in” save — our guy in the green shirt’s vomit actually achieves full blown expulsion before being corralled back into the sanctuary of the competitive eater’s innards.

The fact that the utter disgust of witnessing such a feat nearly eliminated some of the competition –looking at you, contestant in black– makes the save all the more impressive.

Only adding to the epic nature of this event, note too that one of the lovely judges in the back catches a chunk or two in the face. Pure inspiration, folks.

So, who’s up for some Andy’s?

Despite this video, pretty sure DBJ ate at Andy’s for lunch today. Not even kidding…

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