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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Halfro Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 9, 2011

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The greatest halfro mankind shall ever know

As promised, we’re back for at least a couple more days of “Random Frumpin’ Images.”

In light of yesterday’s inaugural entry, I suppose it was rather serendipitous to come across this rather bizarre mugshot of a young man sporting what one is all but obligated to term a “Halfro.” In and of itself, this may not pack the WTF punch of that Splinter of rat tails, but perhaps some context makes it a worthy association:

Twenty-year-old David C. Davis was mid-haircut Tuesday afternoon when, he told police, he was nearly attacked by another man and had to defend himself with a pair of scissors, police said.

The victim sustained a cut to the right side of his upper back. He is expected to recover.

Whether twenty-year old David C. Davis’ pride will ever recover from this photo is another question entirely.


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