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How often do you watch Racism?

February 22, 2010


Netflix RACISM message after rating Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle So I finally caved to peer pressure and signed up for Netflix yesterday, and, like I am with nearly all new “toys,” once everything was setup, there was a fairly lengthy, obsessive session of exploring its functionality in an effort to maximize the return on my investment.

I was advised that simply rating a whole butt load of movies I’d seen was a good place to start, because this would enable the service to make better suggestions.  Made sense.

So I’m sitting there, rating up a storm under all genres,  and intrigued by how Netflix classifies each type before asking how often I watch that type:  Old School, “College Movies”; Full Metal Jacket, “Military Movies”; Gangs of New York, “Period Pieces”; Rudy, “Movies Based on Real Life”; Once Upon a Time in America, “Gangster Movies,”  etc. etc. etc.  You know, enjoying seeing how all the pieces come together.

Well, at some point I come across Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (which I find quite entertaining under certain circumstances), rate it, and then get the message that you see pictured here…


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