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If the people of Fort Wayne want Harry Baals, I say give them Harry Baals

February 11, 2011


Fort Wayne wants to name its new government center after Hairy Balls. I mean Harry Baals

Harry Williams Baals: 1886-1954

Fort Wayne, Indiana officials recently asked the local populace what the community should name its new government center/building. The voting took place online at FeedbackFortWayne.org, and, so far, there’s been a shockingly good turn out.

The polls close today, but as of right now, there appears to be a clear leader. Yes, former four-time Fort Wayne mayor Harry Baals — with 23,867 votes — holds a commanding lead over “Thunder Dome,” in 2nd place with 2,221 votes.

Unfortunately, as noted by the lovely female anchor above, “just because it gets the most votes does not mean that’s what the name’s gonna be.” Indeed, that’s just one of the many consequences of living in a democracy, I suppose.

Anyway, though Mayor Harry Baals may never receive the honor he so justly deserves, I have to think the stock of New Channel 15’s Don Austin is shooting through the roof right now. Seriously, to make it through that gut wrenching report without missing a beat? You’re going national, Don.

Thanks to DBJ for bringing Harry Baals to our attention…

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