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Moby Dick: 2010

November 22, 2010


This past weekend, while the masses were spellbound by the latest installment of the Harry Potter film franchise, a far more exceptional segment of the population was undoubtedly captivated by a vastly different, more mature literature-to-film translation.

I’m talking, of course, about Moby Dick. Moby Dick: 2010, to be precise. A straight-to-DVD release that only the most discriminating of tastes could possibly appreciate, let alone begin to envision or comprehend.


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Teen Wolf minus the chest, possibly pubic hair

May 24, 2010


Teen Wolf renaissance?Teen angst: Possibly the most illogical force mankind has ever known. The fear. The loathing. The inability to compensate for it all by going on an epic Las Vegas binge without risking a significant spell in Juvie Hall. I thought I’d seen it all until this: kids attaching raccoon tails to their asses and calling themselves “The Wolfpack.”

It’s not, like, some kind of “cool” wolfpack either. Like, maybe one you’d see referenced in The Hangover, or something. It’s this, what you’ll soon see below.

There’s actually quite a lot going on here. Let’s see, there’s the newscasters’ presentation, which, of course, lends way too much credence to the ridiculousness of this story; the choice commentary (at 1:24) from possibly the most stereotypical guidance counselor in existence; the alleged murder of family pets…I mean, it’s just a really well put together piece.

My favorite part, though, has to be the interview with the supportive, yet grounded, mom; her cub standing not less than 7 feet away, in passive defiance (about 3:18). I so wanted “Lupus” to let out — via primal scream — what he surely must have been feeling inside: “F*CK YOU, MOM! YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND ME!”

Ahhhh. Kids these days…

Thanks to Dbj for the link and some inspiration…

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