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And on the 7th Day…God created Jam: Headhunters

January 25, 2010


Frumpzilla's Classic Jam weekly feature

Well, I couldn’t let The GingerHead Man be the only Frumpster to miss a deadline this week, and thus I’m bringing you Frumpzilla’s weekly, classic jam feature a day late.

The changes don’t stop there; we’re switching gears quite a bit by frumping an entirely different genre than we have the previous two weeks: Fusion Jazz. Not just any fusion jazz, mind you, but arguably the most influential example of it in the whole frumpin’ history of popular music.

Herbie Hancock’s 1973 Headhunters didn’t just influence other jazz artists either. Even a quick listen should enable the most casual of musicologists to discern how Hancock’s then novel combination of jazz, funk, R&B, African, and Rock elements has inevitably impacted the same forms, and a relatively new one in Hip Hop, to this day.

Here we have the first track on the album; Hancock’s radical reworking of the Jazz standard he had released a decade earlier: “Watermelon Man.” You can find a more detailed review of the album we frumped awhile back here, but, if you prefer more listening to reading, just make the jump for another, possibly more familiar, cut from Headhunters…


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