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Glory Holes Rampant on LSU’s Campus

September 2, 2010


As if LSU officials,Glory Holes Rampant on LSU's campus staff, and faithful didn’t have enough on their hands with preparing for this weekend’s college football opener against UNC, it now appears that combating the blight of “Glory Holes” has been added to the University’s agenda.

Glory Holes — as defined in an article in LSU’s Daily Reveille — are holes “carved in the partitions of bathroom stalls, [and] are typically used for anonymous oral sex between men who insert their genitals into the hole.”

LSU custodial engineers have apparently battled this “recurring problem” by placing steel plates over the holes. Nevertheless, some students keep plugging away, going as far as alerting certain internet based communities — such as “CrusingForSex.com” — when counter efforts have led to a hole becoming “active” again.

Now, while it may not be particularly surprising a problem like this exists in a town that literally translates as “Red Stick,” one has to think this serves as quite a distraction. Hard to imagine what it must be like to grace the community throne in one’s dormitory, only to be greeted by one or more, 2 to 3 inch holes staring back at you on either side of the stall.

Having to wonder what ominous presence may be lurking on the other side only exacerbates things, of course. Frightful, to say the least.

LSU fans smell like corndogsOf course, given LSU’s affinity for corn dogs, perhaps these glory holes are simply some ritualistic vehicle for transfer —  a means for like-minded fans to share a common interest and passion during one of life’s more intimate, albeit  routine, moments.

Either way, as the Tigers prepare for an entirely different type of problem “Hole” in Atlanta on Saturday, I suppose we can only hope that this Glory Hole issue doesn’t raise its ugly head in any of the Georgia Dome’s stalls.

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Hardees gets a bit cheeky with new ad campagin…

July 2, 2009


Hardees (don’t ever call it Carl’s Jr. around us) has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the scenic, cultural mecca that is Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Apparently, however, solid, yet simple, hamburgers and all beef hot dogs, classic “Big” roast beef sandwiches, and tater tots don’t really cut the mustard anymore.  Well, they haven’t for awhile, I guess.

Remember Hardees’ relatively brief stint with fried chicken?  Some said it was better than KFC.  How about the Frisco Burger?  Still, quite possibly, the reigning champion in the “Most Likely to Trigger Spontaneous Cardiac Arrest” category at the Fast Food awards.

More recently, though, Hardees has gone in a slightly different direction: Bigger, thicker, juicier meat (or cheese paper) that beautiful, scantily clad, women (or blue collar manual labor) are more than eager to wrap their hands around, get a little messy, and gobble down.  Hey, it works, right?  Pushing the envelope a bit, maybe, but who couldn’t get behind that?  Well, someone in the marketing department, while certainly behind it, apparently felt they hadn’t pushed quite hard enough; decided it was time to come out with a full on thrust…

Apparently there’s an entire lineup of these spots.  Make the Jump for some more…


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