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Last Minute Dating Advice, Courtesy of Frumpzilla’s Ever Listening Ear

February 13, 2009


Yes, you too can pick up hot chicks (or possibly get kicked in the balls) Well, Frumpsters, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner tomorrow, and I’m fairly certain there are quite a few lonely hearts out there that could use a little help landing a last second date.  Sure, you could pick up a Cosmo, or Men’s Health or something on your way out the grocery store, or maybe try to squeeze in a marathon of that weirdo on VH1, but all that costs valuable time and money, and who really wants to expend any more of such resources than you already have to on a date, let alone one on Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, I’m confident that I’m in no position to give anyone dating advice (far from it, actually), but I do know “good” advice when I hear it. Even if I have to eavesdrop, which is what I did on my lunch break the other day…

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