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America: The Good, The Bad, and The Very, Very Ugly

November 16, 2010


Hey, Frump isn’t here to beat you over the head with just what is the good, the bad, and the very (very) ugly — that’s, for the most part, quite subjective, and left to you to decide. For yourself. No one else.

That’s America to Frump. That and the two videos that follow… (some NSFW language follows as well)

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Quite possibly the greatest animated gif compilation that’s ever been made into a YouTube video compilation of animated gifs…

October 27, 2010


As you’ll surely note from the title of this post, I may or may not have seen my fair share of animated gif compilations in my day.  With that in mind, let me just reiterate: This one is good. VERY good.

Pay no mind to the awful music. Focus on the funny, and let the good times lol!

Thanks to DBJ for the link to the video

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Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” Interview with “Moonlighting” actor Bruce Willis

October 13, 2010


Continuing Frumpzilla’s tradition of chronicling the history of what very well could be the most critically important interview series in the past 37 or so years of American journalism, we bring you the latest installment of “Between Two Ferns,” with Zach Galifianakis.

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Old man dancing to Too Short proves even old dogs can learn new tricks…

April 29, 2010


And, I mean, there’s a lot of new tricks in here. Can’t quite make out what kiosk this gentleman wondered over from, or how he escaped his handlers, but one thing is abundantly clear: He obviously felt life was simply too short to not just shut up and dance (to Too $hort). Truly wise within his years…

Thanks to Dbj for the link

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Carlsberg Workers Strike Over Only Being Allowed to Drink at Lunch

April 8, 2010


Carlsberg employees go on strikeIn the latest story reminding us yanks that we may be just a bit too uptight at times, still not too far removed from certain aspects of our evangelical roots ( perhaps), over 1,000 Carlsberg brewery workers went on strike recently, apparently up in arms about the company’s new “Lunch-Only” beer policy.

That’s right, up until now, employees of the Danish brewer were allowed to drink as much as they liked on the job…with one minor caveat.  According to Carlsberg spokesman Jens Bekke, the only restriction was “that you could not be drunk at work. It was up to each and everyone to be responsible.” Hey, seems fair to me…


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What else is The Potty Dance teaching our kids?

March 12, 2010


Hey, if you haven’t heard of The Potty Dance yet, wake up and join modern society, okay? This thing may or may not be sweeping the nation as you read (at least amongst those with kids that have yet to master the complex intricacies associated with socially acceptable urination and bowel movements), and we certainly don’t want you experiencing that awkward exchange in line at Starbucks when one of your friends from yoga class randomly brings up how “Lil Matt” was doing the “Poo-Poo Dance” the other night (reputations get hurt that way).

The problem is, despite how fantastic this thing is (and it really is fantastic, isn’t it?), there’s still a subtle, yet quite troubling undercurrent present in it all (which we highlight after the jump (and it actually has nothing to do with those creepy firemen))


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It’s Secretary’s Day! (again)

April 22, 2009


Naughty Secretary

As most of our hundreds of thousands of readers have probably noticed, Frumpzilla has been on the mend for awhile now.  Still is, really, but, despite our current state of flux, we just couldn’t resist paying homage to one of our favorite secular holidays.  We could, however, fail to come up with anything original, and instead recycle our incredibly popular Secretaries’ Day article from last year.  Don’t worry, though, the advice is still good…REALLY good, so enjoy celebrating Secretaries’ Day 2009 with these helpful tips and suggestions…


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Why Can’t I Have a Bulletproof Suit, Too? Perhaps I Can…

January 23, 2009

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Barack taking the oath of office; Michelle getting really turned on

So I’m sure you’ve all heard the reports about President Obama wearing bullet proof clothing during the inaugural ceremonies on Tuesday.  Yeah, it’s true.

See that strapping overcoat up there?  Bulletproof.

Shirt?  Bulletproof.  Tie?  Bulletproof.

That Q-Ray Bracelet thing on his right wrist?  Bulletproof, and it’s all thanks to one Miguel Caballero, a Colombian designer that specializes in such attire.

Naturally, upon learning about this garb, I immediately thought “okay, where can I get some?“  I mean, every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed, bulletproof man, right?

Just look at how freakin’ turned on Michelle is in that picture.  What guy couldn’t use more of that in their life?

Sadly, after I reexamined the prospect of donning bulletproof threads, I realized that my all too zealous imagination may have gotten the best of me.

How am I going to pull off bulletproof clothing?  How could I justify it?  Sure, I probably could afford it, but I’m just not that important.  After all, Presidents, Kings, Prime Ministers — I’m sure these are the ilk of folk that keep Miguel Caballero in business.

Well, I decided to research this, just to be sure, and I was right — except for one glaring loophole.  A loophole that may just allow the common, independently wealthy, everyday man, such as myself, rock some bulletproof fashion, too…


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It’s Secretary’s Day

April 23, 2008


Have you made your little pencil pusher’s day special?

My 'administrative professional' refuses to deliver my mail in this manner.  I've asked.


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