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Wedding DJ adds innovative touch to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”

May 13, 2010


Not everyone is a huge fan of “The Phil”, but it’s rare that you’ll find someone who doesn’t appreciate the fill that brings in the drums, full force, in Collins’ 1981 classic, “In The Air Tonight.”

Thanks to Mike Tyson’s most memorable scene in The Hangover, even the Generation Y-ers have been exposed, so you can expect this Face Value cut to be filling the airwaves from time to time for many years to come.

What one might not expect, however, is to hear it played at a wedding. See, “The Phil” apparently wrote this one about the frustrations stemming from his 1979 divorce, but that bittersweet irony didn’t stop this wedding DJ from spinning it.

Oh, and then doing this…

Yes, we know this video has been edited, but lighten up. Fiction can be fun, no? Thanks to The Admiral for the tip…

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