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Youth Basketball Player Isn’t Shy About Punching Opponents in the Face

January 27, 2011


Basketball Player Suspended Over Dirty Punch – Watch more Sports

You know, it’s one thing to go after the ref — and body slam him. But punching opposing players in the face? Over some not-so-tenacious inbound defense?  That’s where today’s youth may or may not need to draw the line.

Watch 34-Green closely. You’ll see him inbounding the ball around the 0:20 second mark. Approximately three seconds later, you’ll then see him punching 3-Blue in the face — and all right in front of the referee, who promptly issues an ejection and season-long suspension.

What’s that, mom? Was that an exclamatory, interrogative “What?!?” there at the end? Yeah, well, your offspring  just sucker punched some kid in the face. In the middle of a youth basketball game.

I mean, come on! At least teach him to wait ’til the officials aren’t looking…

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Canada: Where scaring the golf course geese gets you a swift kick in the face from the police

January 10, 2011


Yes, it’s true: 51-year-old Buddy Tavares, the guy you see getting drop-kicked in the face around the 20 second mark, has apparently been charged with “Careless Use of a Firearm” — on a golf course.

Shooting at geese on a golf course is not advised -- in CanadaYeah, see, Tavares had a valid permit for the gun, just not on the links — where they don’t issue permits for the use of firearms or other noisemakers that could scare the local geese, which Tavares was apparently trying to do.

Now, while I’d agree that the gratuitous frightening of Canada Geese is an activity that should be frowned upon, was it really necessary to kick this poor fellow — with no criminal record, and already on all fours — in the face? IN THE FACE? Really?

Well, the Kelowna Mountie has been suspended with pay, I’m told, but he’s yet to be charged with anything; and despite the outcry of a Facebook group calling for his head.

Seriously, in the face?

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Man uses sammich as his pimp-hand

November 19, 2008


strong pimp hand

With the recent news that a man may be charged with assault for attempting to keep his pimp hand strong via the use of a sammich, I figured it might be a good time to make a brief list…


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