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Jam of the Wednesday: Max Indian

April 21, 2010


Jam of the Wednesday: Max IndianSome local flavor for this Jam of the Wednesday. Though I’ve only recently come across it, Max Indian, hailing from the quaint, Marxist community of Carrboro, North Carolina, has pressed one of the better “Indie/Power-Pop” albums I’ve heard in quite some time…and I have no intention of limiting that statement to just local bands.

We’re talking super indie here, too, as, amazingly, Max Indian is apparently without a label at the moment. Yes, unfortunately, since its release back in 2008, I think the band has been tasked with pushing their official debut, You Can Go Anywhere, Do Anything, themselves. Sad as that is, I can promise you they’ve made at least one sale over at CD-Baby.

But yeah, I’ll be honest. I don’t possess the time or vocabulary to write the type of glowing, Pitchforkesque review these guys deserve. I will say this, however: If one were to put, say, The Beatles; Badfinger; The Zombies; Big Star; Thin Lizzy; and I guess a dash of The Flaming Lips in a blender — like, a really old, low-fi blender — you’d probably be left with a lovely Max Indian concoction.

Does that concoction taste groundbreaking, necessarily? No. No, it doesn’t. Does it taste really, really lush and flavorful despite the graininess that, deep down, you know you long for from a new millennium band? You’re Frump damn right it does.  Seriously, there’s not a bad cut on the entire album. Best part is, the hooks and harmonies are more than pungent enough to leave quite a pleasant aftertaste for at least days, if not months to come.

Here’s the only studio cut of from the alum that I could find on YouTube. Make the jump for a few more, and, assuming you enjoy (you will), make sure you go back to CD Baby and pick this one up for your collection. You may just get a lifetime of mileage out of it…


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70 Year Old Woman Gives Birth, GAHHHH!!!

December 9, 2008

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no science, no!

No Science, No!

Sooo…according to Yahoo a 70 year old Indian woman has given birth to an actual human.  This apparently ties another 70 yr old Indian woman as the worlds oldest mother.  Am I the only one wondering what the hell is going on!??!?!??!?!  Why is a 70 yr old woman giving birth!??!?!?? 

Let me start by saying, congratulations Science, you’ve done it again.  I understand the IVF treatment can do some good for younger mothers who are having trouble having children, but 70 yr olds?!?  Ya know, now that I think about it, the world is under populated by a drastic measure and we should recruit an army of women 65+ so they can pop out children at an alarming rate.  Then they can somehow reverse the aging process so these kids will actually have someone to raise them and we’ll all live forever!  Boundaries, Schmoundaries.

To be honest with you, I really only posted this story as an excuse to post a bit of my favorite comedy from one of my favorite comedians, Patton Oswalt.  As you’ll hear below, he and I see eye to eye on this subject and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this descriptive masterpiece!  (see Oswalts thoughts on the KFC’s famous bowls after the jump..)

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