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Fats Domino ain’t the only one that lost his freedom on Blueberry Hill

December 11, 2010


That’s right, Frumpsters — you can add Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, to the list now. Probably a substantial portion of Russia’s citizens, too, but we’ll leave the heavy political satire to some other global media outlet.

Besides, at least we all know Russia’s less immediate future is in safe hands

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Great Moments in Unintentional Irony: “Life is Precious” Edition

November 17, 2010


Deer strapped to hood of SUV reminds us all just how precious life really is

There are few things Frump won’t stick his furry little head into, and one of those things is the abortion debate. We don’t intend to offer any position on that matter in this post.

However, though it’s clear that poor deer up there didn’t fall within the “precious” range on someone’s spectrum of life, we certainly don’t mind having a little chuckle at the expense of lexical ambiguity.

“Life” is precious, after all.  And, I mean, what better way to demonstrate that point than by strapping a dead animal to the top of your SUV and parading him about town? I think we can all agree on that at least. 

That and the fact that this particular hunter obviously isn’t driving that Jeep..

Full scale image here

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Bristol Palin and The Situation talk about abstinence, Trojan Magnum condoms

November 16, 2010


I just…I…I guess I just don’t know what to say about this. WTF, maybe? I don’t know…

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Is Roy Williams Austrian??!?!

December 15, 2009



Roy Williams True Identity

So I realize that I’m a few days late with this post but if you haven’t noticed, we’ve taken some time away from the site and come back with some aesthetic changes!  All things considered, I believe this is a better late than never situation.  You see, I hate UNC Chapel Hell with all my being.  I feel they have an arrogance about them that just frustrates the crap out of me….words cannot describe the hatred.  This is why I was so happy when this arrogance was put on a pedestal for all the nation to see this past weekend.

During a blowout win for Roy Williams’ basketball team against lowly Presbyterian College, the almighty coach had an opposing fan removed from the premesis for yelling at one of his players during a free throw.  I know what you’re thinking, that kind of penalty must have been earned by yelling a vulgar or (even worse)racist comment at a player during a key moment in the game.  That would’ve been a non-story.  Instead, all this fan did was yell “Hey Deon, don’t miss it!” to Deon Thompson during a free throw with 6:45 left to play in a 103-64 drumming.  The free throw was made and Roy turns to the fan and says, “Why don’t you shut up! Yeah, I’m talking to you!”.  He then gets the attention of his rent-a-cops and motions towards the fan, who is then dragged from his seat without a chance to find out why or show his ticket to the henchmen. 

In an instance of EXTREME IRONY, Coach Williams said after the game “Let’s don’t make it a bigger thing than it is. But I just don’t think anybody should yell negative things toward our players (when) you come in on our tickets to watch our game.”  So if we take him at his word, no fan should ever cheer against his team when you’re in the dean dome, otherwise you will be removed.  With this logic I hope every true blue douche-nozzle that shouts at the opposing team during away games gets dragged out kicking and screaming.

To make matters worse for this Presby fan, unc’s SID tried to spin the situation in typical fashion by defacing his name and claiming he was intoxicated and in the wrong seat.  However the fan was later interviewed and disputed both claims.  I hope this guy is lawyered up or better yet, I hope every opposing ACC team finds a way to get him a ticket behind unc’s bench this season to continue this drama.

Click the Frump to see video of this ENTIRE incident as well as hitler’s roy’s press conference after the game.  As a bonus, there’s also a video of hilarity ensuing after a unc loss to Maryland.  You’ll see crying and disappointment, and if you listen closely, you’ll even hear a unc fan yelling “Go Back to the Ghetto!!” to one of the Maryland players.  I guess that’s alright though since it wasn’t directed at one of roy’s players.



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