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Frump Day Links: 12-15-2010 or UNC Fencing Can Be Fun Edition

December 15, 2010


Rabbit fornication artAs much as we’ve tried in the past (and we have), Frump’s never been able to maintain a consistent link dump. Not exactly sure why, but we are pretty dang lazy, so that probably has something to do with it.

Also, believe it or not, Frumpzilla.com only pays a relatively small portion of the bills around our lavish headquarters, so the “real” jobs that we take on in pursuit of  global media domination kind of get in the way at times, too, I guess.

Well, all that may or may not be about to change (except the “real” jobs thing hopefully), because, frankly, not doing this has probably exponentially hurt Frump’s growth and exposure. Oh, and because we just like to spread the little love we have to give whenever we can. That too…

  • B-Diddy’s got a little side project now that I think would make a fantastic coffee table book. Users can submit their own pics, too. Might have to do that myself. Brews from the Phone
  • In honor of Brahsome’s first post in probably close to three months, here’s a nice video of Epic Stretcher Guy. Brahsome
  • For Frump’s N.C. State contingent, R&R looked into WhatIfSports.com’s prediction for the State-West Virginia Champs Sports Bowl — and also found a brilliant UNC typo. Riddick & Reynolds
  • Speaking of embarrassing UNC-related news, Tar Heel athletic scandals apparently aren’t limited to the football team. This one’s REALLY scandalous, too. Like, NSFW scandalous (depending on much you want to explore, so to speak). Busted Coverage
  • Sticking with the scandals theme, was that Jets assistant’s knee-jerk reaction really more of a systematic, staff-wide scheme? The Scores Report
  • Oregon has decided what they’re going to wear whilst trying to take down Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers — and they apparently want Cam to know exactly where they are at all times. Sharapova’s Thigh
  • Meanwhile, in Tampa, Joe Paterno doesn’t need you to be wearing fluorescent green to see you — you’re probably gonna have to speak through a bullhorn for him to hear you, however. SportsByBrooks
  • I’m not a huge hockey fan, but even I knew the answer to this esoteric trivia question. The Last Angry Fan
  • Here’s a nice run down of all the love, or lack thereof, Brett Favre has been getting on Twitter lately. Awful Announcing
  • Hate Christmas? Join the club over at Fourth Down and Long.
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