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Alex Jones wants you to know that Justin Bieber is pure evil, and may or may not be part of a globalist plot to overthrow American society

February 22, 2011


Alex Jones says Justin Bieber is pure evil, and it's just a matter of time before he asks kids to turn in their guns

Justin Bieber making the hand sign for "pure evil" -- also rumored to be the title of his next album.

I’ve never really listened to Alex Jones, or spent much time on any of his websites, but, god bless him, I suppose I might have to now — for the lulz, I mean.

Seriously, I’ve heard some good rants on the relative lack of depth and character present in today’s youth, but — if only for its comedic utility and novelty — the genius expressed via seamlessly weaving references to Ferdinand Magellan; Justin Bieber; Nikola Tesla; Lady Gaga; Thomas Jefferson; and (perhaps most irrelevant to the target of Jones’ rant) Michael Jordan is something that merits special attention.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure Mr. Jones shares my perspective on this. In fact, I have a eerie feeling the man might actually be somewhat serious about that little diatribe up there. Yes, even the emphasis implied by all the screaming and yelling, and especially the bit about Magellan. Yowzers.

With that in mind, I’ve decided it’s only fair to break down Jones’ argument a bit more after the jump. Especially considering how easy it is to (dis)miss his point in the wake of what might reasonably be mistaken for a mild psychotic episode…


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