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State of Kansas Bitterly Disappointed About the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

April 5, 2011


ESPN Sportsnation poll results for how well each state enjoyed the 2011 NCAA Tournament

As you can see, Kansas is totally destroying the curve for the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Perhaps they misread the instructions and thought the test was only on the Final Four — or maybe even just last night’s title game debacle.

Then again, maybe Kansans are just so wrapped up in the failures of their own teams that they simply didn’t take the time to study the rest of what was — overall — a very enjoyable Dance. Reasonable hypothesis, I suppose.

Either way, at least Kansas obviously isn’t the only State that mailed this one in, perhaps saving it the shame/blame for single-handedly ruining this Tournament’s grade for the rest of the class/country.

Mississippi obviously didn’t give a shit either way, and Maine — well, Maine didn’t even care to show up. As usual (on both counts).


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