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LA Lakers Lead the League in Obnoxious Gold Chain Sales – Exclusive Interview with Lakers Guy

April 28, 2010


With a lot of help from Lakers Guy, the LA Lakers once again have led the NBA in merchandise sales.

According to ESPN,the bandwagon has been crowded and growing for some time.   ‘Showtime’ has held the merchandise crown 7 out of the last 8 years.  For a state racked in debt and unemployment, its pretty remarkable the masses that reside there can afford $25 foam fingers, $80 jerseys and $30 hats in such quantities.  Frump was able to contact “Lakers Guy” (pictured above) for this exclusive interview.

Frump for the captivating interview with “Lakers Guy”


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These guys are why everyone hates the Lakers

April 18, 2010


Exhibit A: He wears sunglasses indoors (and likely at night), keeps the top 4 buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, is rocking the black leather jacket in 70+ degree weather, combs his hair straight back (with product), flashes the “#1” sign and wears a huge, obnoxious LA Lakers gold rope necklace of which he prominently displays like Soulja Boi.  He “knows people,” drives a leased luxury car, dates 19-year-old aspiring actresses (because he “knows” people), talks loudly on his cell phone in elevators and has a tiny penis.  He does not attend games when the Lakers are bad.

Exhibit B: The ultimate fair-weather fan.  Is rocking a Yankee hat, headphones for his own music (as he cannot be bothered by the noises of the game) and is texting his mom.  He does not pay attention and doesnt really care about the outcome except when it comes to talking junk amongst his friends, saying “his” Lakers won.

Exhibit C : Two wannabe hard crackers flashing gang signs to the camera, then moving on to use the GO LAKERS thunderstick as a perverted prop on national TV.

Stay classey LA!

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