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What the Hell is This?!?!

December 3, 2010


The YouTube description says it’s a music video to promote a program called “Golden Times” that airs on Norwegian television. That’s all well and good but that explains nothing! It doesn’t explain how or why they enlisted the vocal stylings of Dolph Lundgren, Glenn Close, Tonya Harding(gah!), the late Leslie Neilsen and more! It most certainly doesn’t explain why Tubbs looks exactly the same as when Miami Vice actually ran.

The only one I’m giving a pass to is George. Because, come on…it’s George. Anyone that had anything to do with Seinfeld gets a pass for life(even Kramer). I can’t imagine they got a license for the Beatles cover. Is this a byproduct of their catalog being available on iTunes now?

Do yourself a favor and check out Alfonso Ribeiero go off at the 1:46 mark. Also, at the 3:30 mark, that’s not really Kelly McGillis is it? Top Guy Kelly McGillis?!?! I don’t see it.

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