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Chiropractor, former Northern Michigan football player busted for “Weeds” like growing operation

December 16, 2010


Brett Wickstrom, Chiropractor, busted for growing and dealing weed

Dr. Brett Wickstrom hearts his spine -- and his weed

They nabbed Dr. Brett Wickstrom’s wife, Liebe Wickstrom, too — but I guess it’s hard to avoid the ole “accessory” tag when you’re caught with over 11 pounds of marijuana (at your place of business).

The Wickstrom’s “I Heart My Spine” clinic was located in Greenville, North Carolina — “The Emerald City” — and the couple were apparently accomplishing their mission to “heal the community” from the office:

5 Essentials for Optimal Health
· Optimal Nerve Supply (Check)
· Optimal Nutrition (Ehhh)
· Optimal Oxygen and Lean Muscle (Probably not)
· Optimal Mental Function (Check +)
· Minimal Toxins (We’ll just pretend that pertained exclusively to the Doc’s Chiropractic services)

According to Dr. Brett’s bio:

[He’s been] a licensed Chiropractor since 2009. He received his bachelors from Northern Michigan University in Sports Science in 2005. As a 300 pound starting offensive lineman on the NMU football team, he was voted Most Improved and Most Inspirational player.

Based on his mugshot and booking info from the Pitt County Sheriff’s office, it appears Dr. Wickstrom has dropped a few pounds since his playing days, so at least he probably hadn’t been partaking of his illicit product.


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