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Frump Day Links: Curiously Creepy Cricket Fan Edition

March 9, 2011


Cricket hottie

Unfortunately, it was never quite this intense either...

We’ve missed a couple weeks of these, so it makes perfect sense that I’d wait for the week that B-Diddy’s in Kenya to bring it back.

Believe it or else, I’ve actually watched quite a bit of cricket in my day. That said, no test has ever been this intense (see what I did there?) [Sportress of Blogitude]

Cosby Sweaters offers the 10 Best Notorious B.I.G. songs of all time. I have nothing to offer on that myself, but I think there are at least a couple of Frumpsters that could offer a critique [Cosby Sweaters]

Believe it or else, when I wasn’t watching cricket many moons ago, I played quite a bit of badminton. We called it “shuttlecock,” but that’s a story for another day. Until then, just know that it too was never as intense as this [The Big Lead]

The one where some frat guy writes an incredibly long, absurdly misogynistic — and mildly humorous —  email, and some ladies act like it’s a leaked, highly classified internal U.S. Government memo documenting how its plan to institute a military-run police state over the next decade [Jezebel]

Hey, did you hear that UNC recruit Delvon Simmons wants out of his Letter of Intent? Who the hell could have seen that one coming? [StateFans Nation]

There’s a reason why soccer is primarily played with the feet. [Last Angry Fan]

Haven’t you always wanted to see faith healers do their work set to the soundtrack of classic fighting games (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.)? The answer to that is yes. [The Score]

Venus Williams: Good at tennis. Bad at karaoke [With Leather]

Bobby Knight comes to Jim Tressel’s inexcusable defense [Inside the Hall]


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Frump Day Links: 4/21/2010

April 21, 2010


Family Fun: Brought to you by Frumpzilla

Spreading the Frump Day love, one link at a time…

Former England great Gary Linekar’s wife is hot, and might have a hand in/on this/the players in World Cup 2010 (Busted Coverage)

Let’s welcome Chancellor Woodson to N.C. State (Dave from Carter-Finley)

Our friend over at Prose & Cons talks about how she defeated March; her pointy nose, and how JDate should really get a tad more serious about its screening process. (Prose & Cons)

7-11 is apparently selling its own beer now, but only in 17 States.  Possible Smokey and the Bandit sequel brewing? (Sharapova’s Thigh)

Tim Tebow isn’t attending the NFL Draft.  Here’s 5 possible reasons as to why. (Sparty and Friends)

Julius Mays might be  leaving the Pack.  But why? (Statefansnation)

25 Examples of Unintentional Porn (Holy Taco)

Profound statement from one of baseball’s earliest victims of racism on how today’s cries of racism in baseball should be muted. (With Leather)

New from Buster: The Buster Sports Show! (Buster Sports)

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