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Frump Day Links: Ms. Reef Bikini Contest Edition

March 16, 2011


WINNING: Ms. Reef Bikini Contest hot ass booty

  • So, like, this year’s Ms. Reef Bikini Contest is shaping up nicely. Shocker, eh? [Uncoached]
  • Albert Pujols semi-naked, on the other hand. Well… [No Guts, No Glory]
  • New Yorkers choose Derek Jeter as the greatest New York athlete ever? WTF [Sharapova’s Thigh]
  • On the opposite end of a somewhat similar spectrum, NBA players crown Stan Van Gundy as the most annoying NBA coach [Last Angry Fan]
  • Ever encountered one of those awesomely tacky wall mirrors typically found in college and/or government housing built in the 70’s? Well, somebody’s found a perfectly good, moral, NCAA Tourney-themed  use for them [Busted Coverage]
  • Speaking of March Madness within the context of outdated spaces, if you happen to be stuck somewhere without convenient internet and/or TV access, here’s Westwood One’s radio announcer schedule for Rounds 1 and 2 [Awful Announcing]
  • For disciples of Ken Pomeroy/KenPom rankings, here’s a nice write-up on making a bracket with the help of things like “advanced metrics” and “adjusted offensive/defensive efficiencies.” [Midwest Sports Fans]
  • Regardless of how poorly your bracket(s) perform this year, however, just remember it could be worse: You could be a 106-year old Chicago Cubs fan [Larry Brown Sports]
  • In completely unrelated news, here’s how Super Mario Brothers would have sounded if Nintendo had used a Foley artist for the sound effects. Oh, and some clips from the Super Mario Brothers live-action film [The Score]
  • Finally, since great goals are trending, here’s Dundee United’s David Goodwillie doing his best better Wayne Rooney impression [Cosby Sweaters]
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