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Meet “Burger Girl”: She Wants You to Burn Her Vagina

February 16, 2011


Burger Girl's new single Kiss LamourWe don’t typically try to, I suppose, “question” musical ventures here at Frumpzilla. The art form is so subjective, you know — so deeply personal in nature for so many. Who is Frump, after all, to callously pass judgment on one’s passionate outpouring of acutely intimate creative expression?

That said, to be fair, I guess we may or may not have made some exceptions to this general rule in the past.

There was that “Miracles” song from Insane Clown Posse. Oh, and their follow-up single, “Juggalo Island.” Then there was DJ Felli Fells’ “I Wanna Get Drunk,” which was interesting. And the Crop Circle Song. And those cute little kids — not to mention Trevor Sayers — reminding us of how important it is to respect and obey authority.  So, yeah, I guess we’re not saintly, okay?

Anyway, notwithstanding the above confessions, it’s not necessarily our intent to disparage Benjamin Dukhan’s “Burger Girl” alter-ego here. Think of it more as a plea. A plea to, I guess, “understand” just what the hell he’s on about. Or even just on. Baby steps, you know…


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Quite possibly the greatest animated gif compilation that’s ever been made into a YouTube video compilation of animated gifs…

October 27, 2010


As you’ll surely note from the title of this post, I may or may not have seen my fair share of animated gif compilations in my day.  With that in mind, let me just reiterate: This one is good. VERY good.

Pay no mind to the awful music. Focus on the funny, and let the good times lol!

Thanks to DBJ for the link to the video

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Redneck Ferris Wheel leaves us with so many unanswered questions…

May 14, 2010

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In today’s Kissed with Apocalypse story, Frump brings you this video of a self proclaimed “Redneck Ferris Wheel.” The title alone hooks you, doesn’t it? We’re not really sure what prompted this, or why someone would be inspired to archive video footage of it — at least in this context — but we’re absolutely certain it deserves a big ole “WTF?”.

Let’s see: Pants off; sitting on the toilet; kid in a laundry basket; mom, presumably, on camera duty…I mean, there’s just so much going on here. I’m perhaps most perplexed by the fact that the Ferris wheel operator seems to be sitting on the toilet while the seat it up. Who the hell does that? Utterly fascinating…

Thanks to Dbj for the tip…

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