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What else is The Potty Dance teaching our kids?

March 12, 2010


Hey, if you haven’t heard of The Potty Dance yet, wake up and join modern society, okay? This thing may or may not be sweeping the nation as you read (at least amongst those with kids that have yet to master the complex intricacies associated with socially acceptable urination and bowel movements), and we certainly don’t want you experiencing that awkward exchange in line at Starbucks when one of your friends from yoga class randomly brings up how “Lil Matt” was doing the “Poo-Poo Dance” the other night (reputations get hurt that way).

The problem is, despite how fantastic this thing is (and it really is fantastic, isn’t it?), there’s still a subtle, yet quite troubling undercurrent present in it all (which we highlight after the jump (and it actually has nothing to do with those creepy firemen))


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