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And on the 7th Day…God Created Jam: Love Ain’t for Keeping

February 14, 2010


The Who's Love Ain't for Keeping is Frumpzilla's (Valentine's) Jam of the Week

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming to a close.  If you haven’t gotten around to showing off your sausage skills yet, your opportunities have just about exhausted themselves, so why not close out the night with a classic jam (and one that is certainly topical)?

It’s true, love ain’t for keeping.  I stand firmly by that notion, as do The Who.  Sure, maybe some say Pete Townshend allegedly should have kept a bit more of his love to himself, but, tonight, that’s neither here nor there.  Take this one in, and take it in well.  Together.  It’s short and sweet, and, curiously, happens to be followed up on the album by a song about escaping from one’s wife (after the jump).  You be the judge of that.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Frumpsters!


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I’m in Love.

January 25, 2010


Mail Order Brides

So I received this email the other day:

I’m girl. I have a blonde hair with golden shining. My eyes is yellow like topaz. I am not high. I have beautiful skin. My hair is long curly. I live in a the capital. I work in public organization. I like to watch talk shows. Representations in the performance pop stars on stage. I like going to cafes and restaurants . I like sea. If you talk about me I am interesting girl. Most of all in men I value openness. When I you noticed on the street. I decided for myself : must. Because I can be for you a caring lover or someone great if you want. I’m wait.

As you can imagine, I’m sold.  Eyes is yellow like topaz?  Live in a the capital?  Like to watch talk shows?  LIKE SEA?!?!?!?!  What else could you ask for in a woman?  I’m not completely sold on the either/or situation she gave with “I can be for you a caring lover or someone great” but you can’t win them all.  She also didn’t give her name but I’m a fan of surprises and mystery.  Unfortunately I’ve tried to reach out to her and yet to receive a response.  Until then, “I’m wait” as well.

On an unrelated note, my credit cards seem to be maxed-out and my bank account is empty.  Odd.

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