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Valdosta, Georgia: TitleTown USA

July 31, 2008


Valdosta, Georgia wins Title Town, USA competition

Congratulations, Valdosta.  Winning this ESPN contest is quite an honor, I suppose.  For those of you that don’t know, around 50% of my family is from Valdosta, and still down there.  I’ve spent a lot of time ’round dem parts, and still make it down around two times a year.  Despite that, and my knowledge of the area’s remarkable sports history, I was still rather surprised when I heard they’d beat out places like Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Chapel Hill, Green Bay, and so on to win this whole TitleTown thing.  I figure that means that the detached, purely objective observer, as you likely are, is extremely surprised.  Well, assuming that’s the case, I felt it would be a pretty good time to drop a little Valdosta/Lowndes County knowledge on ya…


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