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Where Did I Put My Keys???

December 2, 2008

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holy crap.


I don’t think I’m alone when I say, “HOLY CRAP!”.  20 month old Nicholas Holderman was playing with his older brothers when he fell and hit his head.  This is far from abnormal, I’m sure we’ve all hit our heads many times as youngins, some more than others (ahem: Plaxico Burress!).  However, rather than falling on the floor, the side of the couch or even the side of a table, this kid fell on a key that was pointing upwards!!!

One of the keys pierced his eyelid (luckily)right above his eye, missed all of that skull bone and continued it’s way directly into his brain!  I am not a father, however I can only imagine the feeling I would have if I walked in and saw a set of keys sticking out of my son’s dome piece.  Luckily for the child and his parents, he was airlifted to [fiction] Seattle Grace where those crazy doctors from Grey’s Anatomy stopped having sex with one another for a couple minutes so Dr. Shepherd could take the key out and avoid any long term effects[/fiction].

All joking aside, just 2 months later, the kid functions just as any other kid his age would.  There’s no dain bramage and apparently people can’t even figure out which eye was almost popped open by a key that I choose to believe starts a Dodge Stratus.  The original story and more pictures, including one of the kid now, after the JUMP!


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