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NASCAR fans, ExtenZe users may or may not have reason to rejoice

December 1, 2010

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Extenze GirlConsider this somewhat of another in a long line of friendly Frumpzilla PSA’s.  Specifically one for NASCAR fans that also have happened to use ExtenZe within the past 5 years or so.

On October 29th, 2010, a proposed $6 million dollar settlement was reached in a class action lawsuit against BioTab Nutraceuticals, Inc., better known as the manufacturer of the “male enhancement” product ExtenZe.

Long story short, apparently some folks were shocked to learn that popping this particular blue pill didn’t have any long-lasting effects, if any at all, on their ego — otherwise known as their penises.

Who can blame them, right? I mean, it says it all right here on ExtenZe’s website:

No  Gimmick . . . Just Real Science

The same type of research that created miracle drugs like Viagra, has now created a revolutionary herbal pill that is guaranteed to increase your penis size in just a few short weeks!

Unfortunately, despite such claims, ExtenZe probably did little more than cause a spike in nationwide ruler sales. But, rather than remain flaccid in defeat, consumers struck this blow via our equally languid legal system.

See, under the settlement, consumers who purchased ExtenZe between May 29, 2005 and October 25, 2010  have the choice to receive a cash refund or a retail package of ExtenZe NASCAR Racing merchandise.  No, we’re not kidding.  If fact, we’ve researched what’s included in this package (after the jump)…


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Man survives three-week erection, may regret living to tell about it…

March 4, 2010


Just one of the many practical inconveniences posed by PriapismIt’s true. A 55 year-old man saved himself, and his penis (to a degree), finally seeking emergency medical treatment after managing to go three straight weeks on the up and up.   In light of the many practical inconveniences posed by Priapism, how he was able to pull off this stiff task remains unclear.

Adding insult to injury, this was an unavoidable, all-natural arousal, too. Our hapless victim hadn’t even taken any “enhancement” drugs. Rather, his condition was triggered by some rare “nervous disorder.” Seriously.

To make matters worse, and in a stroke of truly bitter sweet irony, despite emergency surgery saving him and his member, this little episode has rendered the poor bastard impotent. So now, though apparently having the mojo to keep it up for a fortnight or more, he’ll have to pop a little blue pill or two if he wants some action. What a world, what a world…

Source: Metro.  Dbj with the link

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