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Thanksgiving may be over, but Target Practice Fail Guy shows there’s still plenty to be thankful for

November 27, 2010

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You know, I called this a “Fail” in the title, but I guess it’s ultimately a “Win.” Albeit undeserved, of course. Having been through a handful of near-death experiences myself — all in a day’s work here at Frumpzilla — it would be unfair to characterize any such escape from the jowls of Darwin Awardesque fate a failure. Right?

Either way, regardless of whether some mischievous turkeys rigged that target, this incident certainly provides a nice segue between Thanksgiving and the upcoming, pseudo-Christian themed holiday bonanza known as “Christmas.”

I wonder if Target Practice Fail Guy has his own “You’ll shoot your eye out” story to tell. Or, I guess, a “You’ll shoot your head off” tale in this case. “Holy jeeze,” indeed!

Thanks to T-Rex for the tip!

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