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Everyone Loves the Crazy Ump: Here’s some tips on how to become one yourself!

May 12, 2010


So, The GingerHead Man contacted me today from Kuala Lumpur (he’s still on vacay).  Apparently, during his semi-daily perusal of Deadspin, he’d come across this fantastic video of “Norm the Umpire” breaking dozens of kids’ spirits — as any truly accomplished, melodramatic umpire should — on a weekly basis.

Well, this naturally gave rise to yet another discussion about my and The GingerHead Man’s lifelong ambition of one day becoming volunteer Little League umpires, and doing the exact same thing.  Only better.  That’s right, better.

Don’t get us wrong, Norm is pretty dang good, but he ain’t the best.  We open our case with what I like to call “The Macarena Master.”  Make the jump for several more…


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