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Adriana Lima’s 2 Million Dollar Bra = Brilliant Excuse to Post Racy Pics of Adriana Lima

October 20, 2010


Adriana Lima shows off her 2 million dollar bra for Victoria's Secret

Those are diamonds supporting Adriana's breasts - Photo from AP

We don’t typically post pics of beautiful, scantily clad women here at Frumpzilla.

I mean, we love the ladies, but I guess we’ve always kinda viewed that practice as the blogosphere equivalent of the chick at the bar wearing five articles of clothing from the Kids’ Department – including both shoes – and inviting random dudes to do body shots off her tits.  Three times a week.

Sure, she’s gonna get quite a few hits, might even make a few lasting impressions. In the end, though, how many meaningful relationships is she building? You know, like, with anyone that isn’t just looking her up when they need to get off.

Having said that, and in the interest of full disclosure, Frump isn’t completely innocent – we’ve drunk dialed that chick before (but only during a dry spell).  Oh, and when someone like Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima makes headlines for wearing a $2,000,000 bra, well, I guess we’re not above even paying for Sunday brunch (after the jump)…


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