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David Morales Colon: A Real Life Ghost Rider

April 28, 2010


Morales Colon: Ghost RiderI’m guessing David Morales Colon loved to ride. In fact, I’m guessing he loved to ride so much that, even if he were shot to death in Puerto Rico — say, about a week ago — he’d want to keep riding all the way through his wake.

Why, you ask? Well, because that’s Mr. Colon you see to your left.  Riding, embalmed, at his wake.  He was shot to death in Puerto Rico on April 22nd, 2010.

Yes, that’s David on his Honda CBR600F4i with full Repsol colors.  I have no idea what that means — those numbers and the color thing, I mean — but apparently it was a family gift, and one that was obviously very important to Mr. Colon.

David apparently will maintain his death grip on the handlebars of that glorious piece of machinery until later today, when the Marin Funeral Home will place Mr. Colon’s body into the same dirt he surely enjoyed burning out while with us.  The circle of life, as they say.

Of course, I’m wondering why they don’t simply bury the bike with him.  As he sits now, surely they could just roll him, lower him, etc., into a vault or something, yeah? 

But then I guess that’s an undertaking I’m really not all that qualified to comment on.  Either way, we honor Mr. Colon’s passion a bit more after the jump (more pics and a video)…


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