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Your (Last Minute) 2011 NFL Draft Prop Bet Guide

April 28, 2011


2011 NFL Draft Prop BetsAssuming you can do it legally, what better way to spice up the 1st Round of the 2011 NFL Draft tonight than with some prop bets, right? I mean, if it works for Super Bowl parties, why not the NFL Draft?

Best of all, unlike your average prop, most of these have been analyzed and discussed (albeit indirectly) by countless “Draft Experts” for months now — so you’ve actually got a wealth of supposedly reliable, predictive information to work with.

Let’s take a look at what’s arguably tonight’s marquee prop, for instance:

Cam Newton’s Draft Position: Over/Under 1.5 (+250/-400)

Carolina Panthers will likely select Cam NewtonOr, in other words: Will Cam Newton go #1 Overall, or not?

Now, if you’re at all interested in this year’s NFL Draft, you’ve probably read no less than 10 articles in the past 72 hours on what the Carolina Panthers are gonna do with the #1 pick.  The overwhelming consensus: They’re going to draft Cam Newton (but aren’t necessarily over the moon about it).

Carolina is certainly in an unenviable position. Newton, despite how high his ceiling may be, is still almost certainly somewhat of  a project, at best.  Gus Malzahn’s “One Read and Go” offense  at Auburn — however misconstrued it may be — probably didn’t prepare Cam for the complexities of an NFL passing attack as much as it could, amongst other red flags .

It also appears the Panthers, in desperate need of QB help regardless, may not be able to find a viable trading partner for the #1 pick, and Newton — at -400 — is the clear favorite to be selected first overall (Marcell Dareus is the next favorite at a distant +300).

All that said, roll the dice on Newton Under 1.5, and — particularly if you’re a Panthers fan — make sure your fingers are firmly crossed….


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Mr. Irrelevant 2010: Tim Toone

April 24, 2010


Tim Toone: Mr. Irrelevant to the Detoirt LionsIn an industry so dominated by superstars — or at least the players that make a habit of breaking the rules more often than they should — shouldn’t we, just once in awhile, profile the little guy? The guy that, you know, isn’t all that relevant?

Well, we’ve been saying for awhile that, given the Detroit Lions held the last pick in the year’s NFL Draft, 2010’s “Mr. Irrelevant” might better be known as “Mr. Relevant.”  Now, we’re not so sure.

Really didn’t expect the Lions to go WR here, but then I guess it likely won’t matter in the end.  They don’t call it “Mr. Irrelevant” for no reason, after all.  Nevertheless, in the interest of letting our readers decide for themselves, we tracked down this highlight reel of Weber State WR, Tim Toone on some site called YouTube. 

Toone hauled in 83 balls for 1,109 yards and 10 TD’s for the Weber State Wildcats last year. He also compiled 378 yards from 19 punt returns, two of which were for TD’s (that’s a good average, I’d say). Who knows.  Maybe the names running through Matt Stafford’s mind as he’s going through his reads will soon be “Johnson, Burleson, Scheffler…Toone.”

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