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Naked Grandmas: A Burglar’s (2nd) Worst Nightmare

November 11, 2010


We try to refrain from posting Family Feud videos around here. Not because they don’t bring the funny, just that to try and cover all the noteworthy ones would be an immense task.

Seriously, few game shows — if not television programming in general — have ever penetrated as deeply and candidly into the American psyche as The Feud. And since we all know that said psyche has a wonderfully fanciful, cholesterol-clogged, candy-coated core, sublime bits of insight are by no means a rarity upon hearing “Survey says!”

That said, occasionally one of those tidbits comes along that’s just too tasty for Frump to pass up. Like this one.

It’s too easy to fall back on the zeal and uncanny level confidence expressed in this contestant’s answer; what really sets this scene apart is the genuineness of Steve Harvey’s perplexity upon hearing it. He really seems earnest about sorting through the rationalization for that one, yeah?

The ultimate meeting of the minds that follows – “Yeah, I wouldn’t want to see that either” – seals it as one of the all time greats, in my opinion. A touching moment, indeed.

Now, let alone the fact that “Naked grandmas!!!” — from a technical standpoint — actually appeared on the survey as the 2nd best response, if you’ve otherwise been left utterly bewildered by this video, don’t worry. Brilliant strokes of unintentional genius tend to have that effect on people.

Thanks to DBJ for the link

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