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Don’t Tase’ Me Bro!!!

May 4, 2010

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Last night, a 17 year old fan was tasered by the police after running onto the field at a Philadelphia Phillies game. This is not a new thing. Not the running onto the field and unfortunately not the tasering. I personally feel this tasering technique is getting a bit out of control. I absolutely see it’s worth in certain situations where the police or other people are in danger. But, on a 17 year old in an open field being chased by at least 5 people?!? C’mon.

If those 5 grown people couldn’t catch this kid, he should’ve been allowed to run around on the field all game long. It would add an interesting aspect to the game of baseball. Amateur video of this tasering is below the frump along with some other quite famous(unnecessary) uses of the taser gun, one of which is very NSFW fyi.


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