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Dude’s Got Moves…

December 10, 2010


The old saying goes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Well, I think it’s safe to say the same goes for middle-aged rednecks. I admit, he seems a little slow and easy pickins, so it’s hard to blame the younger guy for challenging him hard to a pop and lock off. However, it’ll probably be the last time he blindly throws out a challenge in front of a camper.

Just sit back and enjoy the smooth moves of this Nascar(or is it SEC football?) fan. I have to throw out specific props for never losing the cigarette and for pushing through at the :33 second mark when it looked like he wouldn’t “get up off of that thing”. “That thing” of course being his own knee.

Thanks to Josh for the tip!

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NASCAR fans, ExtenZe users may or may not have reason to rejoice

December 1, 2010

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Extenze GirlConsider this somewhat of another in a long line of friendly Frumpzilla PSA’s.  Specifically one for NASCAR fans that also have happened to use ExtenZe within the past 5 years or so.

On October 29th, 2010, a proposed $6 million dollar settlement was reached in a class action lawsuit against BioTab Nutraceuticals, Inc., better known as the manufacturer of the “male enhancement” product ExtenZe.

Long story short, apparently some folks were shocked to learn that popping this particular blue pill didn’t have any long-lasting effects, if any at all, on their ego — otherwise known as their penises.

Who can blame them, right? I mean, it says it all right here on ExtenZe’s website:

No  Gimmick . . . Just Real Science

The same type of research that created miracle drugs like Viagra, has now created a revolutionary herbal pill that is guaranteed to increase your penis size in just a few short weeks!

Unfortunately, despite such claims, ExtenZe probably did little more than cause a spike in nationwide ruler sales. But, rather than remain flaccid in defeat, consumers struck this blow via our equally languid legal system.

See, under the settlement, consumers who purchased ExtenZe between May 29, 2005 and October 25, 2010  have the choice to receive a cash refund or a retail package of ExtenZe NASCAR Racing merchandise.  No, we’re not kidding.  If fact, we’ve researched what’s included in this package (after the jump)…


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The most epic, pointless Hot Wheels track of all-time

November 23, 2010


Although I don’t recall ever being this into Hot Wheels as a kid, I must say that had I ever encountered something like Chris Burden’s Metropolis 2 my interest may have been piqued.

Chris Burden's Trans-Fixed

Trans-Fixed -- Chris Burden (1974)

Since the early 70’s, Burden has made waves  for a variety of provocative performance art exhibitions, perhaps most notably in 1974 with Trans-Fixed. That particular piece saw the artist crucified to the back of a Volkswagen Beetle, and several other  WTF-inducing  displays have followed in its wake over the years.

Now, while the above, apparently nugatory parade of toy cars may lack the shock value of seeing someone nailed to the rear of an iconic automobile, such perplexing undertakings certainly share the trait of evoking inquiry, however trivial, in the minds of viewers.

I certainly don’t mind asking “Why?” here. Do you? But, though duly impressed by the sheer amount of engineering involved, I suppose I’m ultimately left with a feeling of vacuity — curiously, not at all unlike the handful of times I’ve tried to watch NASCAR.

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