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EA Sports adds real, live, virtual mascots to NCAA Football 2012

April 19, 2011


You’ll still have to download someone’s meticulously crafted roster file if you want the added luxury of genuine, uncompensated college football players’ names, but this year — for the first time — EA Sports has decided to include genuine, uncompensated, virtual likenesses of some of the game’s more notable, live mascots (at least until PETA files an injunction, of course).

Texas’ Bevo; FSU’s Chief Osceola and Renegade; Colorado’s Ralphie; UGA’s…Uga — they’re all here (for the most part), and I say it’s a welcomed addition.

Whether or not the new flesh and blood mascots will replace their would-be Furries counterparts in EA’s infamous “Mascot Mashup” remains to be seen. It would certainly make that feature a helluva lot more interesting, though.

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