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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader adds new meaning to the phrase “Best Seat in the House”

November 23, 2010


Say what you want about the Cowboys and their fans, but don’t you dare judge this man. Don’t you dare judge him.

Despite being bummed about the numerous spankings Dallas (3-7) has taken this season, he probably spent his bottom dollar for that seat. And, god bless him, he got his money’s worth.  Bravo, dear sir. Bravo.

Hot ass Cowboys cheerleader bringing smiles to the world

Thanks to DBJ for the tip…

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Jerry Jones Loves Men’s Figure Skating

February 18, 2010


Can’t you tell?  Seriously, though.  After all the crazy ass shit that allegedly went on according to Boys Will Be Boys, the Super Bowls and, of course, the new stadium and jumbotron worth more than the GDP of several 3rd World countries, who’d of thunk Jerry Jones would be this enthralled by something as emasculating as the Men’s Figure Skating Final?

Jerry Jones at the Men's Figure Skating Final

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