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Kenny George’s No-Jump Dunk Shot Compilation

January 26, 2011


Kenny George vs Tyler HansbroughHey, remember UNC-Asheville’s 7’8″, 365 pound mammoth of a center? Yeah, Kenny George was his name.

Unfortunately, notwithstanding the sheer size the guy, I guess he’s most readily remembered for that time Tyler Hansbrough yammed all over his face.

Adding injury to insult, a nasty MRSA infection led to the partial amputation of Kenny’s right foot not too long after that, and, in turn, the gentle giant’s playing days were cut drastically short as well.

But Frump’s not here to dwell on the lamentable aspects of Kenny George’s past. No, we rather lovingly look back at the highlights — specifically the ones that solidified George as possibly the greatest no-jump dunk shooter of all time.

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