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Norwegian prankster desperately tries to flash his junk on live television

December 1, 2010

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There’s trying to expose yourself before a television audience, and then there’s trying to expose yourself before a television audience in Norway. Outdoors. In the middle of winter.

As you see, our little exhibitionist friend really wants Norwegian soccer fans to see his viking longship, and a clever cock block or two isn’t going to dampen his spirits. You know, I bet if he had to jump up and down just to get his tallywacker on the tele he’d do it (he does).

Perhaps most bizarre, however, is the reaction — or lack thereof — of the presenter, field reporter, and camera guy. Pretty sure if this had gone down in the U-S of A, we’d of been greeted with a test pattern rather quickly. They’re much more chill about things like this in Norway, apparently.

Now, in Sweden, we’d of probably gotten a full-on, Sergio Leone-esque close-up shot of the goods, but that’s neither here nor there…

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