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Video: Kyle Kuric’s dunk scares and/or arouses the Bejesus out of Notre Dame’s cheerleaders

February 10, 2011


Lousiville's Kyle Curic has a monster dunk on Notre Dame's Scott Martin

Notre Dame's "O Face" Row

While the college basketball world was preparing for last night’s marquee Carolina-Duke match up at 9:00, Louisville and Notre Dame offered up quite a slug fest themselves in ESPN U’s 7 pm slot.  The Fighting Irish would go on to win 89-79 in overtime, but the highlight(s) of the night came from the Cardinals’ Kyle Kuric.

Indeed, with only seconds remaining in the 1st half, Kuric absolutely yammed all over Notre Dame’s Scott Martin with what has to be one of college basketball’s best dunk shots of the year.

As you see in the video (after the jump), it wasn’t pretty for the Irish — but at least Kuric managed to get quite a rise out of the Notre Dame cheerleading squad, right?

Seriously, the look of desire and/or fear — which often go hand-in-hand for Catholics — may never be more adequately expressed. I think even Pitino got a little excited…


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