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Savon Huggins commits to Rutgers, but not before teasing the Tar Heels

January 28, 2011


Savon Huggins — Scout and ESPN’s #4 RB, Rivals’ #7 — committed to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights today. Huge pickup for Greg Schiano’s program.

For whatever reason, the Jersey City native also felt it necessary to pull the classic “hat switch” at the expense of the embattled University of North Carolina football program. He really sold it well, too.

Around the 1:24 mark you can see Huggins pull a UNC cap from under the table, proudly don it, and then bask in the uproar of the Tar Heel faithful that apparently made the trip up to St. Peter’s Preparatory School for Savon’s announcement.

Unfortunately for Carolina, the prized running back recruit soon reveals a Rutgers cap underneath the UNC one, laughs, then officially commits to the Scarlet Knights.

What a kick in the nuts, eh? Almost makes me feel sorry for the Heels. Almost…

Thanks to The Gingerhead Man for the tip…

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The Best of the 2011 Under Armour Senior Bowl Weigh-In Notes

January 25, 2011


Under Armour Senior BowlMore specifically, The Best of Scott Wright’s Draft Countdown Senior Bowl Weigh-in Notes, because (1) his work is the primary source for this post, and (2) it’s probably the only Senior Bowl weigh-in feature deserving of and/or awkward enough for Frump to recap.

Now, I’m not entirely sure what Mr. Wright was going for — or perhaps looking for, I guess. At times his analysis seems quite pertinent, but then, without warning, you’re greeted with something likable to the pitch of an ad that’s likely sitting in your spam folder right now.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to be critical. This approach certainly made for probably the most compelling feature on a Senior Bowl weigh-in I’ve ever read.  It just, you know, also happened to be one of the most WTF inducing as well.

Christian Ponder rocks a six packThings start off relatively innocently. Take FSU QB Christian Ponder’s “note“: Great definition with a six-pack.

A six-pack, eh? Good to know?

Then again, I guess that’s fair to highlight. After all, if we’re going to deride the Terrence Cody’s of the football meat market, we might as well take note of the guys that actually put a bit of effort into their protein shake endorsement appeal.  Take the “good” with the “bad,” right?

Well, if it ended there, I wouldn’t be frumping this post right now. As you’ll see after the jump, things began to spiral rapidly — and progressively — out of control as Draft Countdown went through the position groups…


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