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52 Year-Old Woman Sues Victoria’s Secret Over Defective Thong

June 18, 2008

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This may or may not be an actual photo of the defective thong culprit

The above photo may or may not be an actual pic of the culprit, but, either way, pretty alarming, huh?  And on so many levels.

Fortunately, the most obvious potential injuries that come to mind — at least to my mind anyway — didn’t come into play here, but that doesn’t mean what actually happened isn’t just as bizarre.

Apparently 52 year-old Macrida Patterson, a traffic officer with Los Angeles’ Department of Transportation, was simply slipping on her “low-rise V-String” from Victoria’s Secret’s “Sexy Little Thing” line when a decorative metallic piece flew off the undies and struck her in the eye.  Ain’t that somethin’?

According to Ms. Patterson’s attorney, Jason Buccat, despite the fact that the “design problem” only led to his client missing a few days of work, the injury to her cornea will be “affecting her for the rest of her life”.  I imagine there may be some emotional trauma as well, which is understandable, and I hope Mr. Buccat milks it dry.

Buccat apparently made another bold move when he denied Victoria’s Secret representative’s requests to examine the offending drawls.  Can’t be sure why Buccat, a products liability specialist with apparent emphasis in undergarmets, would implement such a strategy, but, once again, my mind is wide open to several possibilities.

Unfortunately for us all, Ms. Patterson’s complaint doesn’t specify an amount for monetary damages, but at least we can hope that it will be small fortune.  I suspect there may be a run on VS “Sexy Little Thing” “V-Strings” now, so if you’re hoping to take advantage of what could become the next notorious class action lawsuit, and are willing to stomach yours or your loved ones’ vision problems, you better get out there and stock up prior to the recall.

Widepread panic over thong safety may very well ensue…

The complaint in its entirety can be found over at The Smoking Gun.

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