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Dispute over triple-stack escalates into huge brawl at Orangeburg, South Carolina IHOP

January 24, 2011

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South Carolina IHOP hosts Royal Rumble

Oh, and there’s a pimp cane involved as well. If that doesn’t entice you to make the jump for the video — on a Monday — well, all hope is likely lost.


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Oakland Denny’s is ravaged by patrons in Halloween costumes

November 17, 2010


Continuing Frumpzilla’s series on unruly guests disrespecting the integrity of America’s favorite eateries, today we bring you this lovely video of what appears to be a gang-related, Halloween rampage at an Oakland Denny’s.

I use “gang” loosely there, because, based on their respective names (“P-World” and Town Bizz”), I’m not sure these two groups could justifiably carry the general, negative connotation of most gang-related violence.  Might just be a geographical distinction, but then Frump’s not particularly up on these things.

Nevertheless, as far as restaurant-related violence goes, P-World and Town Bizz are perhaps second to none. McDonald’s, Subway, eat your heart out…

Thanks to DBJ for the links to the vid

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