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So Long, Simão Sabrosa…

June 30, 2010

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So long Simao SabrosaWell, at least to your World Cup days (most likely). Yes, one of the most recognizable and prolific Portuguese players of his generation, Simão will be pushing 35 years of age by the time we reach Rio in 2014.  Now, that doesn’t mean a 3rd World Cup appearance — a 4th if not for an injury in 2002 — for the former Sporting, Barcelona, Benfica and current Atlético Madrid star is impossible, but it’s gonna be a rather steep uphill battle, especially given he plays primarily as a winger.

So, given Portugal’s elimination at the hands of their Iberian neighbors, Spain, yesterday, I figured now would be a perfect time to bid Simão’s days gracing soccer’s biggest stage, “adeus” — and in as grandiose a manner possible. I’m talking, of course, about Univision Fútbol play-by-play man extraordinaire Pablo Ramirez, and his apparent oral infatuation with Simão.

Seriously, whether we’re talking about having a foot in golazos; exquisite runs both on and off the ball; drawing fouls; or even just casually switching play across the pitch, if Simão is involved, you can bet your bottom peso that Ramirez is aroused, or something.  I mean, I guess it really does roll quite nicely off the tongue, right? Perhaps a bit too easily for Ramirez, but pretty dang exciting nonetheless.

Check out this fantastic compilation from the 2006 World Cup, and be on the look out for anything from 2010. There’s been several gems, I just can’t seem to find any clips…

Many thanks to The Hurricane for the video.

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