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Motorized Wheelchair Driving Granny Takes Out Young Jig Spectator

January 4, 2011

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Unless you happen to be a Jig enthusiast, or something, you might want to skip ahead to about the 50 second mark for the climax. That said, the build-up and aftermath to this one is pretty good, however.

I’m not sure what set this granny off. Perhaps it was the back of that lovely young lady’s head. Or maybe an envious longing for the lively, exuberant youth that waived bye-bye to our hell-on-wheels octogenarian so long ago simply got the best of her. Either way, it’s clear this was no accident.

Grams starts planning her move at around 0:15; rolling to a prime, covert ramming position from the rear. Then, in an effort to avoid any innocent casualties, she waits til about 0:53 — when the performers are clearly out of harm’s way — to deliver the death blow.

Unfortunately, the skip in the soundtrack suggests the D.J. booth may have taken a hit, but such are the casualties of generational warfare, I suppose.

After scooting her way back to the victim’s table, presumably to boast, she returns to her designated area to enjoy the rest of the show. The victim isn’t seen or heard from again. Seriously.

And we thought that video of the Bay City Rollers invading a nursing home was scary. Sheesh…

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