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Coach K’s iPhone app is (part of) the pride of the University (new screens, too!)

March 25, 2010


Thanks to a super secret inside source, Frumpzilla has learned that Duke University officials have proudly advertised the release of Coach K’s new iPhone app in the school’s latest employee newsletter. Quite significant considering story lines such as the University recently receiving 10 million in funding for stem cell research got bumped.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to use this opportunity to provide you with some more fantastic screens of Coach K’s magnificent app (pandas and dragons included)! That’s right, Frumpsters, just for you, I actually managed to find my way out of New York, hopped a plane to China and then went for a lovely jog on Duke’s gloriously Gothic campus. It just keeps getting better and better…and by “better” I mean absolutely insane…


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