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Pic of the Day: Champagne, Wine and Jenga!

April 18, 2011


Drunken Jenga is the best Jenga

Aren’t you tired of all the negative stories associated with random acts of drunkeness? Sure, we all are.

Isn’t it about time someone highlighted the accomplishments of the slightly more responsible, contributing members of drunken society? Say, like a Jenga tower replete with meticulously balanced champagne and wine bottles? You’re gosh darn right it is.

May this monument serve as a constant reminder of the whimsical genius that occasionally flows from the idle, intoxicated mind.  Even in its purest form

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Pic of the (Yester)Day: Look Out Behind You!

March 11, 2011


Vengeance cat!

We missed putting one of these up yesterday, so here’s our Friday mea culpa (we’ll try to get another up later today).

Over at imgur.com they’re calling this “Vengeance Cat.” I approve…

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Pic of the Day: The Greatest Halfro Mankind Shall Ever Know

March 9, 2011

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The greatest halfro mankind shall ever know

As promised, we’re back for at least a couple more days of “Random Frumpin’ Images.”

In light of yesterday’s inaugural entry, I suppose it was rather serendipitous to come across this rather bizarre mugshot of a young man sporting what one is all but obligated to term a “Halfro.” In and of itself, this may not pack the WTF punch of that Splinter of rat tails, but perhaps some context makes it a worthy association:

Twenty-year-old David C. Davis was mid-haircut Tuesday afternoon when, he told police, he was nearly attacked by another man and had to defend himself with a pair of scissors, police said.

The victim sustained a cut to the right side of his upper back. He is expected to recover.

Whether twenty-year old David C. Davis’ pride will ever recover from this photo is another question entirely.


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